Sexual music warms the body and stimulates the senses. Sexualsong is the very best sexual, erotic, sex music that can be found.

Download a Free Song: Vaginal Frictions

We have a special gift for you; we are offering a song completely free from the album Sexualsong.

Vaginal Frictions is a very erotic song where the rhythm dominates and calls out to our sexual desire. This song is perfect to play from foreplay all the way to orgasm.

This song is compressed in a zip file for easy download.

Download Vaginal Frictions here.

Sexsonica's Erotic and Sensual Sex Music

Undoubtedly there are many elements that build a song to be sensual or erotic, like rhythm, voices, sound effects, etc. The most important thing is that the song does what it is expected to do, create a suggestive and stimulating ambience for romance or sex.

Sex music can't always be intrusive or cause confusion. It ought to support the occasion and heighten the passion in the scene.

This type of music doesn't necessarily have to have a climax or piece that appears to carry the greatest significance, which commonly can be found in any normal song with an introduction, verse, chorus, bridge and ending. These things may provoke confusion to those that are hearing the song.

Sex music ought to appear as if it were something like music in movies or films that simply bring more effectiveness and impetus to the scene and action.

Erotic music should be used as an accessory to turn you on. It is used in a different manner than sex films or erotic photos, which are the main focus of attraction. Sexy music has to lightly excite you by accompanying you during your love session or sexual intercourse.

Whenever the music is able to fulfill that goal, we can indeed say that it is actually good sensual music, and that it is sex music, as it need to be labeled.

We are definitely talking about music that you would need to make out with, have sex with, or perhaps even use for a hot meeting. This is not music that you would generally utilize to dance to (even though it can be part of the act) or listen to just to listen to.

Sexsonica is quite possibly the best representation of this style of music. This is a musical project by Jaime Portal Luchini, who has been involved in several different experimental music projects. Sexsonica’s music includes elements of electronic music with rhythms and sensual cadences that are hypnotic and suggestive.

Many flavors and colors of different styles of music can be seen in the songs which can transport the listener to different places, cultures, fantasies, and levels of eroticism. The musical variations show a taste of trip hop, ambient, chill out, jazz, and ethnic music or world music. Erotic sounds and exotic instruments can also be heard in these songs with asymmetric rhythms, sound effects, loops, sexy voices and moans and groans.

Sexsonica launched its first experimental production in 2005 which is titled Sexualsong which was followed other erotic albums such as Sexualsong 2 in 2006 with very erotic songs such as “Exotic”, a fusion of electronica/ethnic that can transport you to a seductive culture, “Dreaming” is another from this album that is one of Sexsonica's hits and is totally alluring and enticing.
“Lounge” is a very seductive song filled with asymmetrical rhythms and multiple voices of pleasure.

Sexualsong 3 was released in 2007 and some of the most outstanding songs are “Hypnotic Movement” with native instruments from the Middle East and “City of Nocturnal Ecstacy” which is a song of sexy and flashy electronic abstractions.

There are also a few compilations and instrumental versions of Sexualsong 2 and Sexualsong 3.The most recent production from 2011 by Sexsonica is Sexualsong 4 EP which contains 5 sophisticated and excellent songs such as “Tribal”, a sexual cry to our wild and sexual internal instincts and “Epic Contact”, an erotic journey full of epic moments.

Sex music is, without doubt, a very important ingredient necessary to create an erotic and stimulating atmosphere. Sexsonica’s music is the perfect selection for building this environment.

Rhythms in Sexual Songs and Erotic Music

One of the major elements that constitute the genre and categorization of sensual music is rhythm. It can be played with various instruments in addition to melodic instruments such as guitars or keyboards, but mostly by percussion instruments.

Drums are an instrument that, for some people, may simply arrange the simple rhythm of a song, however for other people it can be the major ingredient in creating the song. It can be the "voice" that sends different feelings without even a single melodic note since the beat is the primary structure of music and the easiest to identify.

In erotic music, rhythm is fundamental. It feeds and stimulates the centralized movement of the human body even when we are not moving. It creates dynamism, desires, and drive.

In the album Sexualsong 4 EP by Sexsonica, we encounter the song "Tribal" in which the beat is the main focus. It contains drums, percussion and electronic percussion, each playing various arrangements at the same time. The mixture of these instruments with these specific arrangements generate a tribal sound. The percussion, constructed of congas and bongos, have an African reminiscence. The contemporary electronica percussion and the forceful drums, embodied with the congas and bongos, make this song an excellent example of the influence of rhythm in sex music.

Many cultures, above all in the Middle East, have made rhythms with variant makeup. India and the Arabic cultures are prime examples of this. Rhythms can be played with other instruments also, that for us have an exotic origin, but are more typical in their culture. In the same way, these rhythms are mysterious and sexual. These distinct rhythmic structures are very complicated to play or to dance to in the Occidental cultures, yet they are totally standard on the other side of the planet. Perhaps a common beat and totally well-known here of 4/4 can be a difficult rhythm for them to play or to dance to, who knows.

The rhythmical combinations in one instrument can be multiple, limitless, and measureless. Each combination can represent a new and different sensation just like our harmonic instruments, the chords represent distinctive feelings. The sexual expression, through rhythm, can be presented in many ways also.

Depending on each person and their preferences, you can find different beats to suit your sexual preferences in various styles of music such as rhythms in Blues, Brazilian Samba, Bossa Nova, Trip Hop, World Music, etc.

As I have mentioned, rhythms are not just created through percussion instruments, but also by harmonic instruments. The rhythmic guitar in Funk, the syncopation of the bass guitar in particular styles, or sound effects creating abstract melodies, can also have an arousing connotation. This also is displayed in the song "Tribal". This is proof of the essential function that cadence plays, specifically in sex music.

Sexualsong 4 EP is Now Available!

Sexsonica's new album has finally been released! After Jaime's involvement in the production of his personal album "Adictum Transition" he started working on Sexualsong 4 EP. The album was started at the end of 2010 and has been in formation until its release just a few days ago.

Sexualsong 4 EP has 5, more than excellent sexual songs including:
Tribal- a song with dominating erotic rhythms and effects that call out to our deepest sexual instincts.
Sex in the Elevator- an intimate and embracing song, with sensual electric pianos and sophisticated and subtle guitars.
Epic Contact- an exciting and fast song with various parts that tell us an epic erotic story.
Flashes in Bed- mysterious and seductive all combined into one song.
Dripping Fantasies- a sequence of liquid sounds that can take you to incredible fantasies.

The album is also available in an instrumental version, without the moans and groans, for those who prefer something a little more mellow.